We believe that everyone should be able to authentically express themselves. That's why we're amplifying and investing in Black, Latinx, and LBGTQ+ communities and brands.

Brand equity

Our goal is to dismantle beauty inequities.
What We've Done So Far
Invested in Black- and Latinx-led brands since 2021
How We’re Creating
Brand Equity

We're working to elevate brands from the Black and Latinx communities.

We invest in approximately 250,000 products on average for each of the Black and Latinx brands we partner with.

We provide 2x the average brand exposure to amplify these brands, increasing customer awareness and engagement.

We also created a $1M fund for up-front investment in product sourcing in order to support those brands that wouldn’t be able to work with us if they needed to wait to be paid when goods are delivered.

In addition, we provide access to product development and introductions to supply chain resources to help these brands thrive.

Spotlight: Collaborating with and investing in Mischo Beauty

Mischo Beauty is a pioneer of clean luxury, offering award-winning, richly hued and high performance nail lacquers. Beginning in 2020, we leaned in to help the Black-owned brand through manufacturing & sourcing support and product expansion.

With stunning shades and amazing formulas, Mischo has made quite an impact within the IPSY community, ranking within the top 3 rated products of the nail category. Not only that, but the company has won a number of industry awards, including Cosmopolitan Best Clean Nail Color of 2021.

Advancing Brand Equity and Expanding into Mexico

In February 2022, we announced that IPSY has entered Mexico in partnership with renowned second-generation Mexican American singer and actor Becky G, first through its signature Glam Bag, which delivers 5 deluxe sample beauty products personalized to each member in a unique makeup bag.

“As a Latino who has lived in Mexico for many years, I am personally thrilled to welcome the country's rich heritage, regional diversity, and beauty sensibility into the world of IPSY, and to provide its fast-growing beauty community with access to brands and products we know they'll love."
-Marcelo Camberos, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board


We amplify the voices and faces of our focus communities by featuring diverse creators, founders, fans, and ambassadors.

In 2022, 66% of People on Our Instagram Were From Focus Communities

When we feature creators and talent on our social media, we ensure that we are representing diverse communities at higher rates than the percentage of the U.S. populations.
Spotlight: Hype-Worthy Beauty and Authentic Self-Expression on BoxyCharm Social

Known for championing self-expression, BoxyCharm has focused on creating an authentic presence on social media.

In addition to making sure everyone who finds us online sees someone who looks like them throughout the year, we use our platforms to celebrate moments like Black History Month, AAPI History Month, Pride, and Hispanic Heritage Month with giveaways, product and brand spotlights, and tutorials.


We are working to improve our hiring and career development practices to increase the employment and retention of employees from our focus communities while continuing to build upon and grow our female leadership.

In our 2021 Culture Amp employee survey, 82% of our employees gave us a favorable rating on inclusion and diversity.

Our U.S. Employee Population in 2022

In 2021, we hired a Chief Human Resources Officer with a deep background in DEI and instituted a mandatory racial bias training for all managers. To increase transparency, we committed to sharing a breakdown of our U.S. team on an annual basis. Here’s where we stand now: