The IPSY Clean Standard

IPSY houses the biggest beauty subscriptions and some of the most beloved brands in the world. With that immense privilege comes a great responsibility to think about the health of both the people who invite us into their homes, and the planet we inhabit.

With this guiding ethos, we are launching a holistic program that makes it easier for our community to find safe and effective products that align with their personal beauty preferences and values.

We’re committing to ensuring that beauty that is better for people and planet isn’t a luxury—it’s beauty for all.

The Out List

The Out List™ is an assurance to our members that the products they receive from us will be vetted to ensure they are formulated to reduce health risks associated with harmful ingredients.

To start, we’ll be banning 32 ingredients across all of our portfolio by the end of 2022. Our decision to prohibit these ingredients from our products’ formulation helps reduce everyone’s overall exposure to ingredients that have potential negative health impacts. We will begin highlighting The Out List throughout the our portfolio as early as March 2021.

This isn’t a one and done—as new science emerges through research, ingredient transparency, and innovation, we will be updating and adding ingredients to The Out List.

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The IPSY Clean Standard

Transparency equals trust. As such, The IPSY Clean Standard takes The Out List™ to the next level, educating our community members on an additional 1,800+ ingredients to be mindful of.

With The IPSY Clean Standard, we’ll be highlighting products that meet these rigorous guidelines, empowering our members with the knowledge to make mindful choices that help both people and planet.

The IPSY Clean Standard highlights products that are formulated to reduce adverse impacts to human and environmental health.

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Behind The Beauty

The IPSY Clean Standard and The Out List™ were developed through a rigorous screening and vetting process developed by North America’s leading toxicology group, The Agyekum Group Consulting (TAGC).


Refreshments, our extra fun personal care essentials brand, launched with a Sparkling Clean Promise where all formulas are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, clean, and clinically, allergy, and dermatologist tested. We’re excited that Refreshments is our first owned brand to completely abide by The IPSY Clean Standard.

While Refreshments’ focus on clean ingredients is at the core of the brand, so is sustainability—at least 30% of every product component is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, and we’re committed to increasing that over time.